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Fall Kickstarter Guide

Sep 26, 2017

Fall might be my favorite. But every other one is a close second. I love the seasons because I from my own experience, I’ve realized that being connected to them is so important to creating a flourishing life (if you want to read more about that click here). But I totally understand that getting into the fall spirit can be hard (especially in Southern California) so I created a kickstart guide with 5 Steps, tips and tricks that will help you embrace the season! 

 This print is ready to be in your home! 

This print is ready to be in your home! 


Step one: Implement the two per room strategy

The two per room strategy is something I’ve been doing every season for the last Three years. Since there isn’t very much fall outside I create this change inside. Basically, I change at least two things in each room to make it feel more like season! Here are some examples of what I change in each room. 


– Change out hand towels for ones that are red, orange, and yellow

– Bring out the Fallish coffee mugs and put all of the blue and floral mugs on the top shelf where I can’t reach or see them. I even display a couple of them!

– I also usually do a fun DIY where I do simple drawings of seasonal fruit and veggies on a chalkboard

Living Room

– Switch out the candle on my coffee table (easy) 

– Bing out my knitted throw blanket that is orange and brown

– Sometimes I will get pillow covers in seasonal colors that still sort of go with my general color pallet. 

Dining Room

– Candles (It’s just so simple!)

– Fresh flowers in seasonal colors (from the grocery store or my garden) 

– Only use cloth napkins that are red, orange and brown! 

Bed Room + Office

– Rotate out prints on our walls 

– And change out our candles + display seasonal flowers 


– I change most of my hygiene products ( body wash, shaving creme, handsoap etc) to warm vanillas, oatmeals, and cinnamon so my showers smell like fall! 

– Fresh flowers and/or Candle (there isn’t really room for both in our bathroom so I usually choose one)


– Wreath or pumpkins (or both)

– I plant seasonal flowers! This is a double whammy because it makes it feel like fall outside and you can use some of the cuttings to display inside too!  

 This photo is available for Print!

This photo is available for Print!

 This Images is available for print!

This Images is available for print!

Step Two: BE intentional with your thought life + Reflection time

I always try to take time to reflect on the season and I do this by creating/finding fall prompts to journal about. And sometimes I will later use these prompts as a conversation topics to ask friends and family!

The two room method helps to realize the season is changing externally but this discipline of journaling and deep conversations with friends helps to gets our internal thoughts and mental state to get on the bandwagon as well. 

Fall is a time for harvest and letting go. As the days get shorter the fall asks us to slow down and to savor. Here are a couple themes and starting points of fall to ruminate on: 

Change- Fall reminds us that change is always constant and can be brilliant

Mystery – Maybe it is the shorter days or the foggy mornings 

Gather – It is the time when farmers harvest the fruit of their labors and animals prepare for winter by storing up. 

Letting go – As the trees shed their leaves, it is a reminder that there are times for letting go

Impermanence – Fall reminds us that nothing is permanent and to not take the times and people we love for granted

New beginnings – Autumn teaches us that we have to let go to have new beginnings. As trees shed their leaves they are also planting new seeds 

 Love this photo? It can be yours!

Love this photo? It can be yours!

Step 3: Create a fall bucket list

Get out a pen and paper or make a new note in your phone. Now write down all the things you would like to do this fall. I like to include fun activities, traditions, new recipes to try, and crafts that I would like to make. 

But you aren’t done when you finish your list because you need to make time for them or they just won’t happen. Write dates down on your calendar, pick a day of the week that you will always try a new recipe or work on your DIY, and text your loved ones to confirm fall adventures. 

Here are some ideas to help you get started: 

– Decorate for fall 

– Read under the full moon

– Go to the mountains 

– Knit a blanket 

– Read Harry Potter 

– Clean out my closet 

– Make Homemade Mulled cider

– Plant Seasonal flowers 

– Pick out pumpkins 

Step 4: Switch up Your cooking + food choices

Bringing fall into your diet is  another easy way to bring fall into your life! But you don’t have to go crazy and eat only seasonal foods. Here are a couple easy ideas: 

– Have soup once week 

– Try baking once a month 

– Include one seasonal veggie in your week

– Try new dish with mostly seasonal fruits and veggies

Step 5: Make little changes

Lastly, take some time to think about how you can make little changes to bring more fall into your life. Here are some little things I do to get your started on your brainstorming: 

– Whenever I write the dates I write out the full date not just the numbers (September 29th)
– When I journal our write notes I try to use seasonally colored pens (red, orange, black)

– I change all of my screens -phone lock screen, computer background, email background, etc- to a fall images. 


I hope this kickstarted guide sets you off to a great start this season, helps you live presently and focus on the things that matter.

P.S. Come over to my shop to get 8 FREE fall images for the lock screen on your phone and to check out my fall print collection!

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