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3 Myths About First Looks

Oct 6, 2017

When I was a bride I went with the traditional route and chose not to have a first look. I wanted Kyle to see me for the first time as I walked down the aisle and I thought that a first look was unnecessary. But after photographing so many first looks, and really understanding the benefits of them, I’ve changed my mind. And if I could go back knowing what I know now, I would have changed my mind. 

Myth #1 – A first Look ruins the aisle moment 

What do most girls want to see when they walk down the aisle? Their sweet handsome groom balling his eyes out. But the thing is, this moment isn’t special just because you are in a pretty dress. 

It is special because you are about to marry your best friend and commit to loving him for the rest of your life! Walking down the aisle will always be special because it is a unique moment.

Myth #2 It puts too much pressure on the groom’s reaction + it won’t be intimate 

Something that most brides don’t realize is how nervous a groom gets. Right before the ceremony is when the calm groom, who was on the beach a few short hours ago, really feels the weight of everything.

He’s in a room by himself waiting for the coordinator to let him know it’s go-time. When he gets up front what does he see? 80-300 people staring at him. And they are all waiting for his reaction. And then when you walk down the aisle and shock him with your beauty, he can’t do anything to express himself. He can’t talk to you. He can’t tell you how he feels. He can’t pull you into a sweet hug. 

What if instead, the two of you went to a private place with no one watching and no distractions? Just the two of you. You get to embrace, cry, kiss, and enjoy that moment for as long as you want. When he is with you, the person he feels most comfortable with, his nerves start to fade away. 

Then without any time constraints, you’ll move into your romantic portraits. With no pressure to get back because the guests are waiting, you can soak in the meaningfulness of the day just the two of you and your photographer. 

Myth #3 The only reason first looks exists is to get more photos

It is true that when you have a first look, you will get 40% more portraits. Not to mention you will make the most of the investment you’ve put in your wedding photography. This alone would make it worth it, however, there are so many more things it gives you, and here are two: 

Alone time together: This doesn’t really happen without a first look. When romantic portraits are after the ceremony and family formals, the time with just you and your groom is almost always rushed. Plus is can be hard to get back into that romantic mood after family photos.

It extends your day and makes it more peaceful: Without the first look, the day normally begins when the ceremony does. Then you would rush through family photos, bridal party photos, and romantic portraits so you aren’t late for the entrance. With a first look, your day is extended by a couple of hours. You get to enjoy your portraits instead of being rushed and get to have fun hanging out with your best friends! 

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