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4 Steps to an Inspiring Fall Adventure

Nov 21, 2017

I need adventure to feel inspired and fully alive. Because of this, I try to get one in every season. It does wonders to help me feel present and really thrive!

In my opinion, an adventure can be almost anything (or maybe it’s that I can make an adventure out of almost anything haha). The only basic requirement is that I am doing something that isn’t apart of my everyday routine.  

Here are my 4 steps to an inspiring fall adventure. 

Step #1 Fall Foliage

Before even planning a date, choose a great place to see fall colors and know when in the season is the best time to go. For instance, in Southern California, one of the best places to see fall foliage is around Big Bear Lake. However, our fall window is very small. The leaves really don’t start to change until mid to late October and only lasts until the first week in November!

Here is a Fall Foliage map that you can use to check when it is best to visit fall foliage in your area.  

Step #2 Company

Grab a friend, plan a date, make it happen. As an extrovert, I love adventuring with people. Meaningful conversations make me feel so alive and help me focus on what really matters in my life! But for you this could be your pup, a queue of really great podcasts, or that audiobook you’ve been wanting to listen to.

Step #3 Quiet Space

Create quiet space for yourself. Leave all distractions behind and be present right where you are. For me, this means leaving my phone in the car. Distraction free time is something that I covet and helps me to feel at peace and fully present. If you want to keep your phone with you to listen to something or take photos, at the very least turn it on do not disturb or airplane mode. 

Step #4 Plan of Action

Choose and activity or goal. This is especially important if you are driving far for your adventure. Knowing at least one thing you want to do or accomplish will prevent your trip from being anti-climactic.

Your activities can be simple: get apple cider and walk around the lake. Go hiking. Read a good book while under a fiery tree.

Ask yourself this question: If I could do one thing on this adventure for it be a success, what would that be?

This trip, my minimum requirement was getting some lovely photos of fall foliage. We did so many other wonderful things: go on a little hike, walk along the lake, sit by the fire and drink hot apple cider and more. I obviously was able to take photos of beautiful fall foliage so our trip was a success right away!

Setting your goal is SO important so that you aren’t disappointed by expectations you didn’t realize you had. If you are adventuring with a friend be sure to ask this question too! 

Side note:

The question from above is a really great one to ask when traveling with a group of people.

For example, when I was in college I spent one New Years Eve in Cork, Ireland with a friend and her brother. That night at dinner we all went around and said our one thing that would make the night a success. Then we were all on a mission to make those thing happen and they did! It was seriously one of the best nights of my life! 

When we don’t take the time to do this in groups, it can lead to upset people and unmet expectations. 

I hope this helps you have Inspiring Adventures! I’d love to know what you love to do on your adventures so leave a comment below! 

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