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2018 Goals

Jan 18, 2018

You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go do them.

– Lara Casey

I read this statement for the first time about a year and a half ago and was immediately inspired. Lara Casey’s Company, Cultivate What Matters created a goal setting guide called Power Sheets and they promote progress over perfection. 

Up until this point, I had been setting goals and making progress in my business and personal life, but this guide gave my goals a focus and purpose that they just never had before.

Over this last year while using the power sheets, I have learned how to set purposeful goals and to clearly see the importance of them. This guide helps me stay connected to my yearly goals and to implement them daily!

Goal setting is not just something to do in January but the avenue on which we begin to create the life we’ve always wanted! 

This post is the first in a monthly goal setting series where I am going to share my goals:

What goals I have for the month, what I learned from them and even what didn’t go as planned! I hope it inspires you to lead an intentional and thoughtful life!

But before I get to my goals for January, I have to share the framework for this year: my ten 2018 Goals!

My 2018 Goals: 

Goal 1: Launch a New Service

I thought of this new service while I was on my sabbatical but I can’t quite reveal what it is yet. I hopefully will get to announce it very soon and am SO excited about it! I think it is a real need in the wedding industry and am working hard behind the scenes to get this up and running! 

Goal 2: Refine the Shop

This is something else that I took the time to think about while on my sabbatical. This spring the shop will be getting a facelift as well as niching down a bit! I can’t wait to work on this and reveal the new improvements I have in mind. 

Goal 3: Less time on the computer

When I decided to become a photographer as a teenager, I didn’t realize that the majority of my days would involve me being chained to my computer. It is really draining on me but I am excited to be implementing some things that will get me away from the computer more!

Goal 4: Start a cut flower garden

Gardening brings me so much life and any chance I get, I want to be out in my garden tending to my plant babies.

But a cut flower garden is different than a normal garden. Instead of maintaining a handful of plants to look pretty, the purpose of a cut flower garden is to grow flowers to cut and put in vases and bouquets.

This is new to me but I am SO excited to start this! 

Goal 5: Be conversational in Italian

I’ve been casually learning Italian with Kyle for almost 2 years now. He has excelled and I have well, not.

I can ask basic questions and get around but I really should be farther along than this.

And if I am honest, fear and frustration has kept me from excelling because learning languages does not come easily to me like it does my husband.

But I will not let fear hold me back anymore! 

Goal 6: Shoot Film

Over the last year, my heart has been nudging me to shoot more film. The soft colors and creamy skin tones are so lovely but it is more than the just the aesthetics that draws me to film. It is the process itself – the tangibleness, how it forces a slower pace, and it’s timelessness.

All of these things are so in line with my brand and my heart that not shooting film almost seem like an injustice to them both.

Goal 7: Internship Program

This was a goal I wrote down last year that didn’t get done but I am excited to hopefully get to it this year.

I did sit down last year to think about what an internship with at CNP would be like. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I didn’t just want it to be a college student coming into my office so I could have free help. No, I want to invest in their lives and develop a rich program. And I realized I didn’t have the time to do this and left it for 2018. 

Goal 8: Elevate the CNP Experience

I think this will be a goal of mine for the rest of forever. Because I can always be serving my clients better and make their experience more delightful and stress-free. I have many ideas on how I want to do that this year and am excited to share about it in greater detail in later posts! 

Goal 9: Simplify and Systemize 

Three of the business books I read recently were The E-myth Revisited, Essentialism, and 4 Hour Work Week. All three books are very different but have two parallel themes:

Less is more

You are not your business

Basically, I want to be doing fewer things really well. And my business should be able to run without me. I spent a ton of time simplifying and systemizing this fall but there are some other major things that can be refined even further. 

Goal 10: Be more intentional about personal life

This past year I was really conscious of setting boundaries in my business because I wanted to live out the fact that I am more than what I do. Even though I have kept these boundaries, for the most part, I often didn’t fully invest in my personal life and this year that is changing! 

My Word for 2018 is: STEADFAST

I want to remain faithful and unwavering in all that I set out to do this year. I can be so easily influenced by others successes and can let my circumstances dictate how I live. But this year I want to flip the script. 


I am really excited about my 2018 goals but just having them is not enough. So, with my Power Sheets, I have broken these goals down quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily. I’ll be sharing that break down next week! 

What are some of your 2018 goals? I ‘d love to know so comment below!

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