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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal that is updated at least twice a week with recent work, helpful tips, and personal posts! Grab some tea  a stay while!

HI, I'm Christa

January Goals

Jan 25, 2018

Goals set in January are doomed to fail unless we have accountability and a way to break down those resolutions into smaller steps. I’ve shared with you my goals for 2018 and now I am revealing how I am breaking those down quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily!

My Winter Quarterly Goals: 

– New Service (Develop + Launch)

– Start cut flower garden (Make Garden Plan + Sow seeds)

– Be conversational in Italian (create habit of studying every day)

– Intern Program (research and decide when would be a good time to develop) 

– Systemize and Simplify (social media)

Monthy Goals: 

– Develop My New Service: This looks like getting advice from mentors + contacting people to  test this new service

– Marketing Systems: Systemizing is a 2018 goal and this month that I am focusing on systemizing my social media marketing systems. It is the area that I feel most strained by and am excited to create a process that will allow me to prepare content without the stress! 

– Connect with friends: Reach out to three friends via text to set up a time to intentionally connect! 

Weekly Goals: 

Run 3 days a week:

I exercise five days a week for 20 – 30 minutes but I’ve been wanting to spend more time outside and am hoping to use my exercise time to get a little more time in the sun!

Stick to my weekly batch schedule: Batch working is grouping similar activities together. So instead of editing every single day, I have one day dedicated to editing and I only edit for the whole day. I’ve been batch working for a while but I’ve switched some things around and want to be more intentional about sticking to these new changes.

Call my mom + sister:

All of my husband’s family live super close so it is easy to see everyone on a semi-regular basis. But my family lives about an hour away so I have to be a little more intentional to keep up with them. Weekly phone calls help us to stay connected even when we can’t see one another in person.

Check personal email:

I am really consistent with checking and responding to work emails but when it comes to personal emails not so much. And by that I mean, I literally never check it. It has caused some miscommunications that could have easily been avoided if I would have just taken the time to check my personal email! So I am hoping to create the habit of checking it once a week!

Personal To-dos: 

Checking my email and being intentional about finishing personal projects is how I am implementing my yearly goal of being more intentional with my personal life. The things that exist outside of my business matter to me so much! I often say and think this but don’t always act like it. By adding this to my weekly goals, I am taking intentional steps to make my actions match my beliefs! 

Daily Goals-

Bookend: Take 30 minutes at the beginning and end of my workday to do two things: Journal + be filled creatively. No screens, no business books, no photography. It has been SO life-giving to me and has helped me to serve my clients from a place of rest instead of stress.

– Study Italian + Garden: After work, I take an hour to check on my plants and study italian. Both help me to disengage from work and bring me joy! 

– Instagram once: This might seem crazy to you. Either because you check yours whenever you have a free moment or because you only open yours right before bed. I have always settled somewhere between the two but I have realized the more I open that little app the more frazzled, discontent, and unfocused I feel. So I have set the goal of only getting on once per day to post and engage with my followers. 

– 10,000 Steps: It really takes some intentionality to get this many steps in a day. If I didn’t try I would maybe get 2,000. Even going on my 30-minute walk at lunch isn’t quite enough so I try to get up every hour and walk 250 steps! 

I am still learning to be wise and strategic when it comes to goal setting and I am nowhere near perfect at it. But I am not striving for perfection but progress towards creating an intentional life and cultivating the things that matter. 

In February I will share the progress I made, insights I learned, and my new monthly goals! 

Do you have similar monthly goals? I’d love to know and hear how you are accomplishing them! Comment below!


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