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How to Create Your Unique Routine

Feb 13, 2018




Have you been wanting to be more effective in your workday? Have you been growing tired of your lifeless routine? Then this post is for you!

You should not be a slave to your routine. Your routine should create freedom for you and I have created a little series that I will help you create that life-giving routine.

Today I am going to share about how to create your unique routine that will bring you life! If this is the first post you are reading in these series I’ve linked below to the other posts for your convince!

1. How to create your unique routine

2. How to create an efficient routine

3. How to Implement a New routine

Minimum requirements

What are things that you need to have in your day in order to feel like a functioning human?

Get out a piece of paper and write these things day. Ask yourself what would a perfectly ordinary day look like? How would I want to feel? What would I eat? What are some activities that make me feel alive and rooted?

You might be thinking,

What do my personal hopes for my days have to do with my work routine?


They have everything to do with creating a work routine and a thriving business.

You need to protect the main asset to your business and that is yourself. If you are not getting enough sleep, eating well or being filled up then your business will suffer. You cannot create your best work if you are working from a place of stress.

Here is an example of an imaginary girl named Fiona. She is a spunky florist who is two years into her business and wanting to create disciplined habits so her business can flourish!

For her a perfect ordinary day would include things like:

– Walking her dog

– Reading

– Spending time outside in her garden

– Running 3 miles

– Learn french

She doesn’t have time to do all of these things as much as she would hope but she got creative to have more of each of the things she loves in her day.

When she walks her dog she also listens to and audio book. She takes 10 minutes to practice french on her lunch break. She isn’t fast enough to run 3 miles before work so she just runs 2 on the week days.



Your homework is to choose three things and start implementing them. What are the three minimum requirements you need in order to have a good day?

For me, they are: read the bible, go outside, and eat healthy meals

I hope the step number one was helpful and that you are on your way to having a great routine that will help your business flourish!



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