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How to Choose Where to Visit In Italy

Feb 15, 2018



Instagram and Pinterest make traveling seem so dreamy and luxurious and while it totally can be, it can also be stressful and underwhelming if not planned correctly. I want you to have just an amazing time as we did, so I started this series of all the basics you need to know about traveling in Italy!

Today I am going to share about how to plan your activities! If this is the first post you are reading in these series I’ve linked below to the other posts for your convince! Happy travels!

1. How to Choose Where to Go

2. How to Plan Your Activities 

3: How to Get Around

4. Where to Stay

5. Where to Eat

Step 1: Decide what cities you want to visit

This might seem obvious but it is an important step to do right because it is the foundation of your entire trip!


Open a google document and Pinterest. It is important to start off organized with a place to put all of your dreams so that you can reference them later!

Now brainstorm to your heart’s content. Pin every place you would possibly want to go, get out your travel books, and dream away.



Now narrow it down:

The truth is less is more. From our experience travel has been much more meaningful and fun when we intentionally decided to choose a handful of places and getting to know them very well.

As frequent travelers, we are not just interested in getting the highlight reel of a country but rather trying to experience the culture and getting to know a place.

But it is SO hard to narrow things down because they are all so cool! Here are some tips for narrowing it down!

– Figure out how many cities/regions you can see on your trip. I would recommend dedicating at least 2 – 3 days to each town or city. If you are in Italy for 15 days (not including travel days) then you can see 5 cities/regions at the very most.

– Group the cities and places you want to visit by part of the country they are in. It makes more sense to plan a trip with places that are near each other and not waste too many days to traveling all over the country. For example, our first trip was dedicated to the northern half of Italy. I SO badly want to visit Capri, The Amlfi Coast, Sicily and more but we knew we couldn’t fit it all and decided we would just half to go back for a southern Italy trip.

– If you are traveling with other people write down the top places each of you want to go and compare. If you have decided to visit 4 different places. Make sure each of you get to visit your top two. If those are the same then great! But often they aren’t and it is always good to be clear about expectations.

I hope this post gets you off to a good start! After you’ve done got your cities and regions settled, be sure to keep an eye for out step two: Activities + Attractions!



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