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Cultivate Connection: March

Mar 6, 2018



Marriage can totally be the best thing ever. Now, I didn’t say easy. But most great things in life take a bit of elbow grease. Every month I share 5 prompts to help you connect with the person you love most as well as a tip for cultivate a healthy beautiful marriage.

January: The spark is a big fat lie

February: Sync your days

And this month’s tip: Focus on fulfill their needs rather than your own.

This is actually a summary of something we thought important enough to include in our wedding vows.

I do my best to love Kyle without consideration for my need because I know he will love me in a way that my needs are taken care of. 

This might seem a bit backward. In order to have my own needs met don’t I need to make them a priority?


If we are only (or even mostly) focused on our own needs we cannot love another well. 

But if we instead shift the focus from our own needs (and trust that the other person is doing the same) to our significant other’s needs, then everyone’s needs are met!

Now this doesn’t mean you should expect to do this perfectly or that your spouse will do this perfectly. In fact you will both fail loads of times so be gracious with yourselves. 

This mind set will help your relationship thrive because it shifts everything from a demanding draining kind of love to a restorative life-giving kind.

But it’s okay if you are a little worried inside. What do you do if your spouse is doing a bad job at loving you well and they don’t realize it?! 

There is a super easy solution that I will be talking about next month! In the mean time enjoy connecting with your significant other with the prompts below! 



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