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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal that is updated at least twice a week with recent work, helpful tips, and personal posts! Grab some tea  a stay while!

HI, I'm Christa

April Goals

Apr 5, 2018



Peace is something that can sometimes be an elusive thing for me. It really shouldn’t because, as a Christian, I trust that the Lord is working all things out for my good (no matter if things turn out the way that I hoped). I was about to launch my Vendor Sessions and I felt myself see-sawing from super hopeful and excited to anxious and discouraged all in a days work. I texted a good friend that, maintaining a constant peace was a struggle but that it was good because I was (so to speak) building my contentment muscles. And this is what she sent back to me:

” I’m THRILLED for you to be launching a service that you’ve thought of and thought through, that is such a huge accomplishment! Whether or not it is successful from the start is none of your concern, because you’ve already done your part.”

It is none of my concern because I’ve already done my part.

That has been my mantra ever since. Show up and be faithful to what’s before you. There is no need to worry about success or gaining clients because that’s not my job.

Did I book out all of my Vendor Sessions spots for the next six months within the first week of launching? Nope.

Does that mean it is a failure? Not even close.

I still believe that this is something worth pursuing but just needs time to gain momentum and be refined.

But as my business grows I always want to remember, the important things I should be concerning myself with.



March Goals


– Launch New Service: It is up and running! Woo hoo!

– Update Print Shop +  Polish Bridal Guide: Neither of these got done this month. Partly because I booked a ton of last minute shoots and needed to spend more time editing. I am totally fine with this because I had a shift in thought when it comes to projects like these.

Less is more.

What I really want in my business is to be shooting and connecting with my clients. I want less time behind the computer. And even though these ideas and projects are great they are not essential. So I have decided to limit myself to two projects per year so that I can focus more on the really important things: serving my clients better and becoming the best photographer I can be.

– Build Second Shooter Team: It is in the works! But I’ve realized that I am pretty bad at directing my second shooters on wedding days. I have created a whole guide that I send to them that has a shot list, the CNP way of doing things, and everything they need to know. However, I’ve realized that this isn’t enough and that I need to take a bigger roll in training them in person too.

– Tend to Garden: The Zinna sprouts are planted, the Daliah tubers are planted as well, and my cosmos and sweet peas are growing really well! I cannot wait until these babies start blooming! There will be so much color!

– Adventure with Kyle: We have made this a priority and it has just been so wonderful! A great time for us to connect as well as shake up our every day routine! This month we went up to Big Bear to play in the snow! It was SO beautiful and hilarious. Kyle’s boots didn’t have any traction so he was sliding EVERYWHERE. He was such a good sport about it and it was actually a lot of fun trying to help him not fall off the side of the mountain.




– Check Personal Email and Call Family: I was pretty hit or miss with this. I am sad to say that I was not very good with my work boundaries this month and often worked late. But I totally felt the ramifications of my bad habits. I felt so scattered and distracted, and often it made it hard for me to connect with Kyle and our friends.

– Be Intentional with friends: But even though I felt scattered mentally, I still made time to meet up with a couple friends!

– Be Active 5 days: I was slacking about this last month, and was still pretty inconsistent because I was sick and then out shooting a couple times a week. Hoping to get back into the rhythm!

– Learn (Retake Courses + Read Entreleadership): So I did look into courses but I didn’t read Entreleadership. I was good to review some past things I’ve learned, but I also decided to be more strategic with my learning and decide on a skill I want to grow in.

 Personal To Do: Sooooooo as I said above I was really bad about work life balance and didn’t do any of these things… I did plan to paint the table but it rain on my days off that I actually took off,

– Tuesday Tendings and bookending: So I didn’t really get better about doing these. However, the days that I did, I could dramatically feel the benefit!

– Walking: Even though I slacked on a lot of things, I did a pretty good job about going on my walks.


– Tidy Studio: I really made and effort to stick to this goal and kept my studio tidy! It makes all the difference for me!

– Study Italian: Okay I totally KILLED this one and practiced almost every day! I can totally feel myself becoming more comfortable with the language!

– Drink Water: I for sure drank more water! Yay!



Spring Quarter

Every quarter, I sit down and spend more times with my goals and do I refresh, eliminating ones that I have accomplished, redirecting ones that no longer seem appropriate, and fleshing out ones that I want to keep.

2018 Goals revised:

– Simplify and Polish the shop

– Less time on the computer, more time shooting and connecting with others.

– Cultivate garden

– Be bold in speaking Italian

– Practice with film

– Maintain work life baondaries

– Give couples and amazing experience

– Build Physical strength (so I don’t feel like death the day after a wedding)



April Goals


– Polish the Shop: Simplify and make it more user friendly

– Shoot 3 rolls of film and get them developed

– Be better at coaching second shooters

– Slow down when shooting

– Tend to Garden

– Adventure with Kyle

– Finish Bridal Guide


– Shoot film

– Exercise 5 days

– Call family

– Check personal email

– Learn: Read Building a Story Brand and Focus on taking amazing getting ready photos

– Personal To Do: Paint table, organize hall closet, dontate extra things

– Tuesdays Tending: Tend to my goals weekly on tuesdays


My daily goals are still the same because, as we saw, I still need to establish these as habits

– Bookend: 30 minutes at the begining and end of the day

– Go on a walk

– Tidy Studio

– Learn Italian

– Drink Water

Encouraging words for the month:

Show up. Be faithful


What goals are you trying to implement this month?

I’d love to know so leave a comment below!


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Christa Norman is a wedding photographer based out of Orange County California and Nagoya Japan