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3 Lies Most Couples Believe About Engagement Sessions

Apr 12, 2018



It is one of the most exciting seasons of your life. You are just months away from marrying your best friend, and you just can’t wait. But something you are hesitant about is engagement photos. You don’t feel like you are very photogenic and as soon as someone pulls out a camera your palms start to sweat.

And you aren’t alone. Most people feel awkward in front of a giant lens, I know I do too! But it really doesn’t have to be this way! Engagement photos can be a fun and meaningful experience. 

And there are 3 lies that are keeping you from this kind of experience and in this post, I am going to give you the truth! 

Lie #1 Model experience is necessary 

This is 100% NOT true! You do not need to have high cheekbones or perfectly pouty lips to have a great experience and even better photos. ANd this is because it is your photographer’s job to teach you everything you need to know and make you feel comfortable so that your love and beauty can come out in the photos! 

Not to mention this is a great time to get comfortable with your photographer so that on the wedding days you will be pros! 



Lie #2 Engagement Photos is just another thing to check off our giant checklist.

When people (couples and photographer alike) view photos this way it makes me SO sad. And that is because your engagement session can be such a meaningful time. Yes, you have a wedding to-do list that is a mile long, and engagement photos are something you need to check off of it. However, your session has the potential to be incredibly meaningful. You have a scheduled opportunity, to reflect and love on one another. 

Lie #3 The day of the session will be SO stressful! 

The day of your session does NOT have to be filled with anxiety, rushing around, and a fight on the way to the session because you are running late. It can be a peaceful day and in order to insure that it is, follow these three tips! 

Prep everything you need for your session the night before: Lay out your outfits, iron anything that needs it and even get out the underwear you need too! You don’t want to freak out because you can find your nude bra to wear with you white dress! 



Don’t do anything else the day of the session: No errands. No coffee dates with friends. Nothing. That thing that you want to do “real quick” never turns out that way. You’ll end up needing to go to three different stores to find that one stupid thing you need. Or your friend will be late to your coffee date for one reason or another and now the timeline of your day is messed up! Just please resist the urge. 

I tell all my clients this and every once in a while someone won’t listen, have a semi-stressful day and then tell me when they get to the session that they should have listened. haha 

Plan buffer time: This might be the single best piece of advice I could give.

Think your make-up and hair will only take an hour? Give it two. Will it only take 30 minutes (with traffic) to get to your shoot? Plan to start getting in the car 20 minutes before you need to leave. 

This will allow you the space to not feel rushed because you’ve planned extra time. It will also allow you not actually need to rush because even if there is traffic or you have to drive back home because you forgot your phone, you won’t be late. 


I hope this post was helpful and informative for you and that you have a stress free and meaningful experience! 


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