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My Goals for May | Orange County Wedding Photographer

May 8, 2018




April has been full but good. For the most part, I anticipated it to be busy because I was out shooting a wedding every weekend. But I didn’t really anticipate it when it came to my goals. I tried to fit too many things in and didn’t account for the fact that I would have a giant influx of editing and less time to work on other projects.

What I learned is that when planning my goals for the month I need to be more careful to look at the big picture and simplify.

So let’s look at how I actually did with my goals


Polish the shop: I got started on this and I am really excited to finish it up this month!

Develop film: Literally, I didn’t make any progress on this. Reprioritizing this goal to when I have more space to work on this.

Be better at coaching my second shooters: I made progress in this and was more intentional to game plan before every second of the wedding day.

Slow down when shooting: Not much progress.

Tend to garden: This is one thing that never gets neglected! I did need to have a heart check here because I found myself focusing on what I couldn’t do rather than what I could do. I want to cultivate a thriving cut flower garden but for that, you need lots of sunlight and that is short supply here in San Clemente where buildings are crowded and block the sun. I had a great perspective shift and decided to focus on what I can do rather than what I can’t. Basically, I am looking into cut flowers that do well in the shade.

Adventure with Kyle: This month we spent a day in San Diego’s little Italy! It was lovely and fun to practice our Italian.





Exercise five days: I did this every week except one when I wasn’t feeling well.

Call family: Another giant fail. Communicating with family and friends is always the first thing to go when I get really busy. For some reason, getting back to everyone seems like such a big thing when I have a full plate. It isn’t and I need to be better about getting over myself. haha

Check personal email: I did this 3 out of 5 of the weeks which is good progress if you ask me.

Read Building a Story Brand: I read this within the first three days of April. This book was SO good and I learns such invaluable information that I have already been implementing into my business.

– Personal to dos: I actually did well with this and have been tending to things around the house!


Bookend, walking, and drinking water: I only did this a couple times a week. Need to cultivate this goal

Tidy studio: Was able to keep place tidy! It makes me feel so good! I’ve been doing it at the start of every day and hope to switch that to the end of the day so everything is just ready for work when I come in.

Learn Italian: GUYS. I’ve really been sticking to this and can really see the progress I’ve been making!




This month I hope to really focus and clarify, in life and in business. Everything from being discipline with work hours to tightening my brand messaging. I am really trying to simplify so that I can serve my clients and friends and family well!


– Create Educational Freebie and Email sequence: This is something that is inspired by the book I read this past month, Building a Story Brand. I want to be able to off helping information to brides that come to my website even if they aren’t ready to book!

– Stick to Batch Working: My batch working schedule has thrown off a little and I am hoping to get things back on track this month!

– Polish the Print Shop: After three months of having this as a goal and really am going to finish it! It is my priority goal before all the other extra things.

– Tend to garden: Add Snap Dragons and Hydrangeas, and rearrange things to make more room for shade-loving annuals

– Adventure with Kyle!


– Check Personal email

– Exercise 5 days

– Tuesdays Tending

– Call Family

– Learn and Implement: What I’ve learned from Building a Story Brand as well as all the other courses I have already taken.


– Stick to work hours

– Tidy Studio at the end of every workday

– Learn Italian

– Walk every hour

– Have dinner ready by 5:30

This month I am really focusing on being disciplined and digging in deep where I’ve been planted.



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