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The Key to Eliminating Stress on Your Wedding Day

May 29, 2018




Raise your hand if you want to have a stress free wedding day! I am sure your hand is in the air because who doesn’t want that???

But how many friends have you gotten coffee with who have told you about how rushed they felt on their wedding day? Probably most of them.

But it should NOT be this way.

And there is one simple thing that you can do on the wedding day that will ease stress and allow you to enjoy your day.

Buffer time

That’s it. Easy peasy. Right?

Well sort of.

The thing is most brides don’t really take the time to think through how long everything will take. And it is the little things that are such time wasters.

Here are three times throughout a wedding day when buffer time can save everything. 




1. Bridesmaids getting in their dresses.

Your bridesmaids need to be in their dresses with shoes and jewelry on before you get in your dress. And it isn’t as simple as having them change “real quick” five minutes before you get in your dress. This is something that needs at least fifteen minutes yet brides hardly ever think this is something that needs to be on the timeline.

That’s why when I am working with my brides on our photography timeline it is something that I always include. And on the day of, I always kindly prompt the ladies when they need to start changing.

2. The First Look

Most timelines allot 15 minutes for the first look and then move straight on to portraits. But what about the time it takes to get the first look set up? We need to get you and your groom to the first look location without seeing one another, and prep you for how it is all going to go down. Think that will take about 5 minutes? In a perfect world, that might actually work.

But what about when I am about to take the groom over and we realize that he doesn’t have his boutonniere on? What if someone lost the pins and we have to make safety pins work? (this literally happened at a wedding recently). What if when I am about to take walk you over, you remember that you wanted to wear your veil and it isn’t in yet. Or what if we are about to walk out and your dad comes around the corner and tears start to fill his eyes from seeing his beautiful daughter in her dress for the first time?

All of these situations (and hundreds more) would easily put you behind schedule and now rush the rest of the day. That’s why I always recommend my brides to schedule 15 minutes to set up the first look. Problem solved!





3. Driving anywhere.

This is a big one. Driving anywhere will always put you behind schedule unless you add buffer time. Most Brides just include the time it will take to drive somewhere. But what about the time it will take to find parking. Or to gather your bag? Or to remember that you forgot your bag and now have to tell your sister everything that you wanted to put in the bag so she can bring it later? Or what if after everyone got to the car the best man realized that he left the rings in the hotel room?

Suddenly we are off the timeline again and buffer time will come to our rescue! Just add an extra bit of time for these little things.

Want to know more ways that you can eliminate stress on your wedding day?

Check out my Free Guide

5 things Every stress-free wedding has in common. 


Save your friend from stress and share this with another bride you know!

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