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A Fun Portrait Session in Irvine | Japan Wedding Photographer

Jun 14, 2018




Quail Ridge, Irvine | Anniversary Session

I went to college with Taylor and Lyndsay and even lived in the same dorm as them but we didn’t meet until years later when they started coming to our church. After two years of being in community groups and bible studies together I finally had the privilege of documenting their love for one another and for their new puppy Sophie!

Taylor and Lyndsay met working at a summer camp and Taylor had a crush on her the moment he saw her. Lyndsay liked him too but was planning on being single and literally prayed that he would go away. She lived in the midwest and he in california, so how could they make it work?

But Taylor was unlike any guy she had ever met and after getting into Biola University where Taylor was attending, they did make it work. After five years of dating they tied the knot.

Even when you’ve been married three years, like taylor and Lyndsay, your spouse can still surprise you. Taylor had been slowly trying to convince Lyndsay that getting a dog would be awesome but she isn’t a dog person. So Taylor was surprised when he received a text from Lyndsay that said she had fallen in love with a puppy and had to have her!

Lyndsay still doesn’t claim to be a dog person, just a Sophie person. I adore these photos of this sweet little family and hope you do too!

Taylor and Lyndsay, thank you for letting me document your love! You two are the best!




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