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How I’m Anchoring Myself this Summer

Jun 19, 2018



Summer always gives me the feels. There is this giddy feeling that builds as the temperature rises and the water gets warm. But now as an adult, it has a tendency to just slip by. There is this expectation that summer should be magical, like when we were kids.

It probably won’t feel the same because of work, or even if you are a full-time mom, summer with kids is just different.

Is there a way for summer to be awesome as an adult?

It might not be the same, but summer can still be special.

I make my summer special by doing three tips that I got from my favorite podcast, the Lazy Genius:

– Prioritize Connection

– Summer Anchor

– Opening and Closing Ceremonies

I love how Lara Casey describes summer as a time to where, ” we cultivate, prune, and tend. We get our hands dirty in the soil, work hard in the heat, and find joy in the simple pleasures of the abundant season. Summer is a time of gathering together to cultivate fruitful friendships.”

I am sharing with you how I break down each of these three elements and hopefully inspire you in the process.

Summer Anchor

If you could only accomplish one thing this summer what would it be? The answer to this question is your summer anchor. Mine is that I want to be outside more.

It is simple and easy to accomplish but I didn’t leave it there. Because I know that if I am not intentional to break down what that could look like for me and then make it a goal in my Powersheets then I would probably forget.

So here are some things I am implementing to be outside more:

– Exercising outside at least 3 days a week: I exercise 5 days per week but in the winter and spring I do this mostly indoors. Now I am trading in my cardio videos for a simple run.

– Checking emails + writing content on the porch

– Going For walks or reading outside on my lunch

– Hiking once per month

– Have a beach day once per week




prioritizing connection

When connection is your focus it forces you to move slower and the pressure to finish a million summer projects can dissolve. This is because connection requires you to be present.

Connect with the people that matter to you most by texting them or having them over for dinner. Connect with your dreams and what you want out of your life.

This summer I am doing this by:

– Texting and voxing my family

– Having friends over for dinner and games

– Checking in with Kyle on his summer goals

– Making sure to have days off that I can spend with Kyle

Opening + Closing Ceremonies

This is one of my favorite tips from the Lazy Genius Podcast! It is a way to mark the beginning and end of something so that you realize that time is passing.

Kyle and I decided to do something really simple and inexpensive: Ride the motorcycle to the Shake Shack in Crystal Cove to have a burger and shake and watch the sun set over the ocean.

Even though it isn’t technically summer yet, Kyle is a high school teacher so the weekend after he finished the school year we celebrated our opening ceremony!

Bonus Tip:

There is on more way I stay anchored to the summer and that is by summer-izing our home. Basically, I switch out a couple simple things in our home to make it feel more like summer – candles, soaps, hand towels, napkins, mugs, etc. It is so simple, barely takes any effort but makes the world of difference.

I hope you feel inspired to make the most of your summer and equipped to be present despite our face paced world.


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What is one thing you want to prioritize this summer?

Let me know in the comments below!


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