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5 Signs an Elopement is Right for You | Orange County Wedding Photographer

Oct 25, 2018


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Weddings are just a lot. A lot of time to plan. A lot of money. And unfortunately they are often a lot of stress. Most couples have never planned such a large scale event and don’t understand all that goes into it. Not to mention the sticker shock they get when they do!

If this is where you are at, I totally understand. There were many times when Kyle and I had our heads in our hands and wondered if we should just elope! We decided to go ahead with a traditional full wedding and it was wonderful but I wanted to help give you some insight while you go through this same dilemma. Here are 5 signs an elopement might be right for you.

1. You want to Savor every moment

Wedding days are often SO full. Full of great things but full none the less. And even with a great coordinator to keep everyone on task and a photographer that guides you through the day, it can still feel like a rushed blur. Almost at every wedding the bride and groom say, “the day is going by so fast!

2. You are extremely overwhelmed by planning

If the idea of planning a wedding gives you hives and makes you want to crawl into a hole, then an elopement might be a better fit. Weddings use to be so simple: two people would say vows and celebrate over a meal with close family and friends. A couple of photos would be taken. Grandma would make the wedding dress. Auntie would bake the cake.

But nowadays weddings have become something else entirely. The deep meaningfulness can for sure still be there and it can still be a fun day (my own wedding day was for sure the best day of my life) but it takes a LOT of planning.

And if all that planning gives you hives than elopement could be just the type of wedding for you. They have their own challenges but you can keep it super simple if that is what you need!



3. You want to make the most of your budget

If you’ve searched Pinterest for wedding inspiration at all, you most likely have been bombarded with stunning and creative images. But if you’ve also looked into what those things cost, you’ve realized that they aren’t cheap. A way you can still have that is by being really strategic about where you spend your money. You could still have those indigo goblets and turkish rugs, or that amazing photographer, or those wild colorful bouquet if you decided to invite 20 guests instead of 200 hundred. You could have the photographer of your dreams if you get married on a mountain top instead of your tradition wedding venue.

4. You don’t care about the traditions or extra fluff

Imagine your wedding day. What does the cake cutting or bouquet toss mean to you? Would you be sad if you didn’t have a first dance with your dad? Think about what parts of a wedding really meaningful to you. If most of the traditional things hold no weight, then you might want to consider and elopement.

5. You only want to most important people there

If you wouldn’t be too sad that the cousin you haven’t talked in 5 years wasn’t at your wedding or if the idea of having to invite your parents coworker that you don’t know makes you squirm then eloping might be a great option for you!

Or if you feel obligated to invite everyone from your huge family, but still want to have an intimate wedding, get married somewhere far away and difficult to get to. That way you can still invite everyone but since it is so far it will lessen the amount of guests that actually come.

I hope these 5 signs were helpful in your decision making process! But no matter what you choose remember that your wedding day only happens once and you should make sure it is meaningful a meaningful day where you are surrounded by those you love most.




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