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Artist District Engagement Session | San Clemente Wedding Photographer

Nov 1, 2018


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Kenya was sitting in class with her friend Tessa trying to find a guy to match up with one of their other friends. Tessa pulled up Jeremy’s photos and Kenya fell for his joyful smile and sweet dimples. She asked if she could have dibs on him instead. Tessa gave Kenya’s information to Jeremy, but because of conflicting schedules, they weren’t able to go on their first date until 6 weeks later. Neither of them was expecting this date to go very well especially because there had been radio silence from Jeremy.

Not because he didn’t care or anything but just because he was nervous that if they talked too much now they wouldn’t have anything to say on their actual date. They were both in for a surprise because their date went far better than either of them could have imagined. A few margaritas and a comedy show later, and they both had stars in their eyes. It might have been because they talked late into the night or because it was love at first sight, either way, they fell very much in love and now are getting married!

Having Downtown LA as their location was a must for these two because it was where their whole relationship started and where they spent most of their time together. Jeremy lived in Fullerton and Kenya in Santa Clarita so LA was the obvious halfway point and they have spent many hours wandering around the cute historic buildings (Kenya’s favorite), talking over a yummy beverage in one of the many cool coffee shops, or Hammocking together at UCLA where Kenya was getting her masters.

This session was extra special to me because Jeremy is a dear friend of mine. We go way back to freshman year of college when my hair was platinum blonde, Jeremy was constantly wearing one of those wool ponchos and our friends were always playing some sort of intramural sport, or hanging out in the lobby of our dorm. He was one of my closest guy friends and always looked out for me, so halfway through the shoot I wasn’t too surprised when tears filled my eyes and I had to stop and hug Kenya. Seeing their love for one another in action was overwhelming to me in a wonderful way and I was overjoyed that they had found one another.

I dare you to try not and not smile while looking through their session. I know I couldn’t do it because their joy is infectious!



Are you engaged too? I’d love to tell your story!


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