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Fall Wedding Inspiration at the Casino San Clemente | Orange County Wedding Photographer

Dec 12, 2018

4 Tips to Create the Fall Wedding of Your Dreams, Christa Norman Photography, Orange County Wedding Photographer, San Clemente Wedding Photographer, Southern California Wedding Photographer Japan Wedding Photographer, Film Wedding Photographer


Have you dreamed of having a autumnal wedding but live in a place where fall is basically non-existent? You aren’t alone friend! I am here to tell you that your dream is not impossible! I came up with the concept for this inspiration shoot and these tips with you in mind! I hope it helps all your fall wedding dreams come true!

1. Be intentional with Bride and Groom Attire

Even what the bride and groom wear can make the whole day feel more fall-ish. A long sleeved dress would do this however, most places that don’t really have fall are often still warm during this season so if you have the opportunity to get a dress with long sleeves and an open back, like the Truvelle dress in our shoot, you’ve got a winner!

Keep in mind how warm it will be when choosing your groom’s attire too. It can be tempting to choose tweed, which is normally perfect for fall, but without that cool weather, your groom will be very warm, sweaty and probably not very happy. Instead, you can opt for a light brown jack and a shirt with a subtle pattern. The warm color and patterned shirt will give the illusion of texture without making your groom unnecessarily warm!



2.Be Strategic about your venue

When you live somewhere that doesn’t get a ton of fall foliage to choose a venue with minimal greenery. Lots of green grass and lush hedges are the enemies of a fall themed wedding! With its white walls and terracotta roof, The Casino is a perfect example of a setting that will emphasize your autumnal theme rather than detract from it.



3. Create an Atmosphere

Even if it isn’t cold or the leaves aren’t changing color you can make your day feel like fall by intentionally creating an atmosphere. A good rule of thumb is to ask your self this question whenever you are making a stylistic decision: How can I make this seem or feel cozy.

Some easy ways to make things feel cozier (without getting too rustic) is with texture and warm colors. We made our table settings feel cozy by choosing a wooden table, plate settings with scalloped edges, gold and warm accents in the silver wear and goblets, and chose a napkin with a rough edge.



4. Get your vendors in on the vision

Be sure to let your vendors in on your desire for an autumnal wedding. They know their craft best and can select seasonal elements to make your dream come to life. For example, our florist added some more non-traditional seasonal elements such as Bittersweet vine, Chinese lantern and even fruit like pears and pomegranates.

Our cocktail specialist made some equally creative choices by including dried fruit, cinnamon sticks, and figs in her drinks. And our baker even added leaves to some of the pumpkin pies! Your vendors want to make your dreams come to true so be sure to share your vision with them!



There you have it! I hope these simple four tips help you have the fall wedding you’ve been dreaming of!

Are you engaged? I’d love to tell your story!

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