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Snowy Big Bear Portrait Session | Orange County Wedding Photographer

Jan 23, 2019

They met in a backpacking class and instantly Evan was smitten. Like making sure to get in the same car as her when driving to their trip smitten. Like he told his mom she was the one smitten. So a couple months later when Bri sat him down and said it was going to work, saying he was bummed is an understatement.

And Bri was bummed too. She really liked him but there was a crucial point of connection that wasn’t there. Bri had grown up in Trinidad, a small island off the coast of Venezuela. And Evans most exotic travel experience consisted of moving from Colorado to California for college. When she talked about her life growing up she could see that Evan just didn’t understand.

Years past, they both had graduated, and Evan was back in California after spending an extended amount of time living and working in Indonesia. And when he got home Bri was the first person he wanted to share his experiences with.

So one day he just “happened” to be passing through town, he asked Bri if she wanted to grab coffee with him, as friends of course.

In Blue Bottle, over steaming cups of coffee and the bustle of the shop, Evan lit up as he told Bri about Experience living abroad. And she saw that the disconnect that kept them from being a good match, was no longer there and they fell in love all over again. Almost three years into marriage and they are just as smitten.

As I carefully drove up the windy roads leading up to Big Bear, the rain poured down and the fog rolled in thick. The weather app predicted no rain, and I hoped by the time I got to the top of the mountain it would let up but things were not looking good. But Bri and Evan were champs and were down to brave the storm. As we started hiking the rain let up and we were able to shoot!



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