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Our Story: Oceans Apart | Orange County Wedding Photographer

Feb 4, 2019


One of the biggest things I love about being a wedding photographer is the stories. Each couple has one. And I love meeting with newly engaged couples for the first time and listening to the “long version” over coffee. I love all of the little details and like what they were thinking, who made the first move, and all that good stuff. I seriously cannot get enough of it. Often at the end of these coffee dates, my couple’s will ask, “what about you?”. So I decided it was time to share the story of how Kyle and I fell in love too. All the way from “hello” to “I do”.

  1. Ships Passing in the Night
  2. First impressions
  3. Hi, I’m your boss now
  4. Is this going to be awkward?
  5. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan
  6. The Infamous Movie night
  7. Feelings revealed
  8. Our First Date
  9. Oceans Apart
  10. Making it official
  11. Big Sur and a Big Adventure
  12. The Accidental I love you
  13. Dating wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows
  14. The Proposal Part 1

Kyle had been in India for two weeks and the no contact thing was more difficult for me than I had anticipated but Kyle, already knowing this about me, had left three really wonderful things for me to make the distance feel a little less far. The first was a secret page on the blog for the trip, the second a note, and the third was a song.

Both the blog and original video of the song are now lost in the abyss of the internet. But we still have the note, and I got permission to share it with you though he was pretty reluctant and a little bashful. Here it is:

“If I were a tree, you would be the wind that brings my branches to life, causing me to sway to your every movement. You make me want to dance; to express the joy that wells up within me. And when you are gone, just like a breezeless day, I will pine for you. Don’t get me wrong, just as the tree does not need the wind to survive, I do not need you. I am rooting in Jesus and He is the soil in which I find nutrients and a firm foundation. However, as the wind does to the tree, you cause my whole being to move. Your gentle touch invigorates that which was one inanimate. And in its absence, I will mourn. I will turn into a weeping willow, slunk over waiting to be set straight by your uplifting currents.

But trees cannot seize the breeze just as I cannot feel your embrace when I am away. But retrospective thoughts can be kept; and so they shall, until our reunion. Then we can dance once again, intertwined in each other’s arms with joy and fulfillment in our hearts. Oh what a joyous day that will be indeed.”

The two and a half weeks seemed like eternity and gave me plenty of time to basically memorize this note and the song, and fall in love with him. Every once in a while Kyle will sit at the piano bench or pull the guitar off the wall and play it for me. And it never fails to make me smile.


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