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Our Story: Big Sur and a Big Adventure

Feb 18, 2019


One of the biggest things I love about being a wedding photographer is the stories. Each couple has one. And I love meeting with newly engaged couples for the first time and listening to the “long version” over coffee. I love all of the little details and like what they were thinking, who made the first move, and all that good stuff. I seriously cannot get enough of it. Often at the end of these coffee dates, my couple’s will ask, “what about you?”. So I decided it was time to share the story of how Kyle and I fell in love too. All the way from “hello” to “I do”.

  1. First impressions
  2. Hi, I’m your boss now
  3. Is this going to be awkward?
  4. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan
  5. The Infamous Movie night
  6. Feelings revealed
  7. Our First Date
  8. Oceans Apart
  9. Making it official
  10. Big Sur and a Big Adventure
  11. The Accidental I love you
  12. Dating wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows
  13. The Proposal Part 1


I drove the windy coastal roads leading up to Big Sur, very slowly. Partly because the view was lovely and partly because it was pouring rain and almost dark. We quickly realized that we were vastly unprepared to camp in the rain. But our stomachs were growling and we had already eaten all of the food, so filling them was our top priority. By the time we got to the little town, the sun was completely set. It was very dark and we didn’t have service to look up food. So we went about finding food the old fashion way and stopped into a Restaurant at Lodge we saw off the road. However, we quickly got back into the car because the burgers were twenty-five dollars and we were poor college students. I remembered seeing a bakery along the road that looked open and we went there next.

The sign says Big Sur Bakery in funky fun writing. From that, we knew it would be more of our speed. We walked in haggard from our long drive in Vibies (extra large surfing sweatshirts pictured below) and sweatpants. The Bakery turned out to be a restaurant which was awesome since we were starving! But soon after we sat down we realized this restaurant was very much NOT our speed. The little room was lit entirely by the fireplace and candlelight. The was no music and everyone spoke in soft hushed tones. The waitress approached us and listed off the most elaborate specials I had ever heard. I could almost not keep myself from bursting out laughing when Kyle said, “we would like to share the margarita pizza. And just water to drink.” The cheapest meal you could possibly have here. We giggled to ourselves quietly.

The Pizza was delicious and on our way out they offered us a couple free pastries. We slept uncomfortably in my old honda civic across the street from the bakery on the side of the road. And ate those pastries in the morning for breakfast. The next day we went on a couple of beautiful hikes and drove home.

We love thinking about that trip. So unprepared. So young. But so excited to be together and in a beautiful place that we felt like we were on top of the world.


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