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Our Story: The Accidental I Love you

Feb 25, 2019

One of the biggest things I love about being a wedding photographer is the stories. Each couple has one. And I love meeting with newly engaged couples for the first time and listening to the “long version” over coffee. I love all of the little details and like what they were thinking, who made the first move, and all that good stuff. I seriously cannot get enough of it. Often at the end of these coffee dates, my couple’s will ask, “what about you?”. So I decided it was time to share the story of how Kyle and I fell in love too. All the way from “hello” to “I do”.

  1. First impressions
  2. Hi, I’m your boss now
  3. Is this going to be awkward?
  4. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan
  5. The Infamous Movie night
  6. Feelings revealed
  7. Our First Date
  8. Oceans Apart
  9. Making it official
  10. Big Sur and a Big Adventure
  11. The Accidental I love you
  12. Dating wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows
  13. The Proposal Part 1


The semester had started again and we were loving life. We were enthralled in the newness of our relationship. But even in this normal excitement of a new relationship, there was something else wonderful there. Kyle was unlike any other guy I ever dated. We just seemed to fit together so well and always felt the freedom to completely be ourselves.

It was in these first few weeks that Kyle told me he loved me. First on accident. Later on purpose. We were standing in the kitchen of the apartment I shared with a couple of other girls and we were being obnoxiously cute. Kyle was about to describe something that he loved about me, but on accident, he said those four words. You guys, his face was terrified. I died laughing barely hearing, as he rapidly tried to explain himself. I knew he didn’t mean to say that he loved me. We had only been officially dating for less than a month and that would be absurd! We outwardly brushed it off. Made dinner and went to downtown Disney. I don’t remember why we were there but we were walking hand in hand when Kyle brought up the incident in the kitchen. He affirmed that saying it out loud in that moment was an accident. But just because it was an accident didn’t make it any less true. I told him I felt the same.

We were crazy. It was crazy. It still is crazy.

But looking back I see how we had gotten to know one another in a really unique way that allowed us to know the true depth of each other’s character. Our strengths and weaknesses were displayed openly. We couldn’t rush into dating because of our jobs and were forced to just be friends. So less than a year after knowing Kyle existed I knew I loved him and wanted to share my life with him.


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