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3 Reasons You Can Trust Me to Be Your Wedding Photographer

Mar 9, 2019

Your wedding day only happens once. It is one of the most important days of your life, and there are no do-overs. These are your very memories we are talking about. So the photographer you choose for your wedding day needs to be one you can trust completely. When a couple asks me to be by their side on their wedding and to capture their love story it is not an honor I take lightly. I decided it was high time to tell you 3 reasons why you can trust me to be your wedding photographer.

1. My Education

I have been a photographer for almost ten years now. I was sixteen when I got my first point and shoot. And it didn’t take me long to fall in love with it, save up money to buy a DSLR (a “nice camera”), and quit almost all of the other activities and sports I was involved in to make more time for photography and join yearbook. By the time I was 17, I was shooting almost all of the image for the yearbook (and also reshooting things when the other photographers didn’t do a good job) and shooting in complete manual mode. It was a Friday night under the beaming lights as I was running around the field capturing the football game and almost getting trampled in the process, that I decided I wanted to be a photographer for the rest of my life.⁣

I have a degree in Fine Art Photographer and spent four years honing my craft and learning how to tell stories. During my senior year, I interned for a high-end wedding photographer where I got to assist him and every wedding and worked in the studio during the week.

Why this is important:

Manual Mode + Degree:

I’ve been comfortable shooting in manual mode for 10 years now. Knowing what settings to use when comes second nature to me. This is really important because a wedding day is not a controlled event. This means there will be different (and often difficult) lighting scenarios and the day unfolds and photographer’s don’t have that much control. My camera settings are never something I need to actively think about. I know instinctually that I need to have a larger aperture to make sure that everyone’s faces are in focus for family photos, or that my shutter speed needs to be faster during the first dance, or I recognize when the light is changing and automatically change my settings accordingly so those moments aren’t lost due to massive underexposed or overexposed images. This kind of comfortability with the camera can only come from education and experience.

Internship #1:

During this internship, I did no shooting. I wasn’t allowed to bring my camera or shoot at all. My job was to hand the lenses to the photographer, carry his gear, and fluf dresses. Even though this doesn’t seem like much, it is incredibly important because over those six months I got to go to countless high-end weddings and learn how a wedding day should unfold. I learned all the little things, that can only be learned under an experienced photographer. How to interact with clients, that a getting ready room should be tidied before we start shooting. That we should make sure sunglasses, purses and drinks should be set down during family photos. What lenses to use when. I was gaining all that knowledge without having to make those mistakes myself.

2. My Experience

Pretty soon after I graduated, I interned for another photographer and started to gain shooting experience as a wedding photographer. Over the year I was with her, I got to go with her to every wedding she had and second shoot for her. And she invested in me and intentionally taught me along the way. After that year, I went full time on my own and have photographed 4 wedding seasons.

Why this is important:

Internship #2:

This taught me how to be a wedding photographer before I had even started shooting weddings on my own. So when I did shoot my first weddings I knew how to direct a bride to get into her dress, what kind of locations are good for a first look, and how to handle family photos. I also had direct feedback from a professional pushing me to grow and be better.

Four Wedding Seasons:

To put it simply, this means I know what I am doing. Experience does always mean excellence but in my case it does. Because after each wedding and each season I am intentional to look at when went amazing and how I can create it again, and what could be improved. In these last four seasons, I’ve developed a workflow and strategy that I have down to a science. And this experience that I give to my couples allows them to be in the moment on their wedding day, have a meaningful and fun time in front of my camera and their story told beautifully.

3. I love What I do + I Care Deeply About Your Marriage

It might seem silly to mention that I love what I do but it is true. Not only do I love doing it but I care deeply about you and your marriage. Not just your wedding day and not just the pretty details. But you as a human. And this genuine care allows me to really serve my clients well and to actually tell their story instead of just taking photos of the pretty things that were there.

Why this is Important:

This is important because it means you are not just another client to me. It means I will get to know you so that you can feel comfortable enough to be yourself in front of my camera. It means I care to enough educate you so that you can have the best day possible. I care about your marriage so that on your wedding day I’m making sure you have the space to be present instead of rushing around like a crazy person. It means I love family photos because those are the people you love. It means, I won’t leave you hanging and I will get your images to you when I say I will.

Your wedding day only happens once and you should entrust your memories to a photographer you know you can rely on. You can trust in me because I have the education, the experience, and because I care about you deeply.

I would love to be by your side on your big day. Click here to learn a little bit more about the CNP wedding experience.

Are you Engaged? I’d love to tell your story!

Learn more about the CNP Wedding Experience.



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