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3 Reasons Why Bridal Parties Love the First Look

Mar 13, 2019

There is a lot to consider when deciding if whether or not you want to do a first look. However, it is easy for couples to miss the grander implications a first look can have on the wedding day as a whole and everyone involved. You’ve asked your best friends to stand by your side, witness the commitment you are making, and make the day extra special. It only make sense that you would want your favorite people to also have a great day, right?! Well then you should consider them when making this decision. Here are 3 Reasons why Bridal Parties love the first look

1.Everyone is Fresh for Photos

Your ladies have spent hours getting their hair and makeup professionally done. They have slipped on the dreamy dress and shoes you picked out. The groomsmen have tied their ties and donned their cufflinks. The ladies have grabbed their bouquets and the guys have pinned on their boutonnieres  Your crew looks amazing. In fact, this is the best they are going to look all day.

As the day progresses, they will get hot and probably a little sweaty as they stand in the sun for your ceremony, the boutonnieres will get a little crushed from the congratulations hugs they will give you afterward.

If you had a first look none of this will be an issue. Your crew will be looking their absolute best in your group and individual photos.

2. They get to enjoy cocktail hour (and you get to enjoy it with them!)

Your bridal party has had a full day just like you have and were probably putting out fires and taking care of things you didn’t even know about. So after the ceremony when the bridesmaids will be dying to sit down and the groomsmen dying to get a drink at cocktail hour getting to go to cocktail hour right away will be a major blessing. Let me real, even if they are suppose to stick around some of them will probably head straight there away.

If there is no first look, your bridal party has to wait around during family photos. One of your girlfriends will be sad because her curls are already falling out before pictures. The best man will have to go corral some of the groomsmen that wandered off to get drinks. And everyone will be a little low energy because they just need a snack.

If you have a first look all of the bridal party photos will be finished before the ceremony and then everyone can head straight to cocktail hour to sit down, get a drink, and relax.

This also means you have less to do during cocktail hour, and you can also go (imagine that?!) and hang out will all your family and friends.


3. Everyone gets more time with both you

Most bridal parties are made of up friends and family. The tight-knit communities in which people live their lives. The bridesmaid isn’t just friends with the bride and the groomsmen aren’t just friends with the groom. One of your bridesmaids might be your fiance’s sister. Or one of his groomsmen a really close friend from college. But if you don’t have a first look the whole bridal party isn’t together until after the ceremony. When you do have one, the celebration starts hours earlier and your bridal party gets tons more time with both of you!


I hope these 3 Reasons Why Bridal Parties Love the First Look was insightful in your decision-making process! If you are looking for other posts that can give you more insight into whethere or not a first look is right for you, check out Everything You Need to Know About the First Look or my popular series Wedding 101.

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