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Los Rios Historic District + Crystal Cove Engagement Session

Mar 20, 2019

How They met and fell in love

Kelley was the TA for Organic Chemistry that semester. Sam was taking the class and “needed” help with his homework. Maybe he actually did need help with his homework but Sam was for sure motivated to get it because he had a fat crush on the cute TA. His crush quickly turned into more. Because he discovered she not only was a beauty but had the brains and a big heart to match. Yet it was all the little nuances and quirks of her personality that had him quickly falling in love with her. To Kelley, Sam went from the guy who needed help in chemistry to the guy who could always make her laugh, to the guy who she couldn’t live without.

They’ve been together ever since, ten years in fact, and moved from where they went to school in northern California, down to Redlands so Kelley could study at Loma Linda University and become an eye surgeon (there is a fancy name for it that I can’t remember), and their next adventure wasn’t too far away because Sam was getting ready to propose. But this wasn’t a secret or anything, they had been together for ten years and always knew they wanted to get married. But he still wanted to surprise her.

How he proposed

They had planned a fun weekend to go hiking and camping in Santa Barbra. They drove up from Redlands late after work and stopped at a hotel in Ventura to stay the night. In the morning Sam let Kelley in on a secret, that they weren’t going hiking in Santa Barbra but instead, we’re going to the Channel Islands! He brought a picnic and on a perfect cloudless June day they had the whole beach to themselves. Kelley had an inkling that Sam was going to propose. As they were walking down the beach Kelley turned to look at the beautiful surroundings and when she turned back, there was Sam on one knee ring in hand. She was totally surprised even though she knew it was coming. Needless to say, she was over the moon excited.

How we met

I am from Redlands, so while I was in school I often went back and would frequent Augies with my sister. On one occasion, she and I met a friendly guy sitting next to us. We had lot’s to talk about as his girlfriend was attending Loma Linda University and that where my sister was applying to, he worked for a startup and my sister’s boyfriend is super into tec, and he loved photography too. If you haven’t already guessed it, that friendly guy was Sam. That was like 6ish years ago! It has been SO much fun reconnecting with Sam and getting to know sweet Kelley. They are a gem of a couple and it was such a joy to take their photos!

We started our Session at Los Rios and ended it at Crystal Cove. There was rain on the forecast but we risked it anyway! The was hardly any rain and no one around. Like NO one. And for two places that are normally swarming with people, that is incredible!



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