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What You Need to Know About Fine Art Wedding Photography

May 29, 2019

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I graduated five years ago with a degree in Fine Art Photography. So when I entered the wedding industry and I saw photographer’s using the term “Fine Art” to describe their photography, I was confused and thought it humorous. Wedding Photography can’t be fine art. Can it? Today I’m breaking down What you need to know about Fine Art Wedding photography.

Opposing Forces in Fine Art Photography

In college, I always understood it as two opposing sides Fine Art and Commercial. Fine Art is conceptual work that is shown in a gallery and commercial was every other kind of photography that was done to make money. With this in mind, you can see why I thought it was laughable and rolled my eyes when I saw wedding photographers calling themselves fine art photographers.

But the longer, I’ve been a part of the wedding industry the more I realized that it might not have been as simple as I thought it was.

Define the Term Fine Art Photography

What I came to realize was that most photographers in the wedding industry weren’t just using the term willy nilly. But that fine art wedding photographers are, simply put, photographers that shoot weddings on film. There is even a niche of Fine Art weddings. These weddings are usually more thoughtful and timeless in design.

Film vs Digital

But isn’t film dead? Isn’t digital better? While most people shoot digital and it is a more convenient medium, during the day film still surpasses digital when it comes to quality. It also has this timeless romantic feel to it that digital just can’t replicate. Another way that film surpasses digital in my opinion is that it requires immense intentionality. Some times photographers get in the habit of clicking away and hoping they get a good shot. But since film is so limited and precious, each and every frame is composed and taken with care.

My Journey with Film

Like I said above my degree is in Fine Art Photography and I shot a lot of film while in college. But shooting in film for school and shooting film at a wedding is a whole other ball game. And when I started in wedding photography I didn’t know anyone shooting film at weddings so I just opted for the safe digital route. But I had this ich for something more in my work, something more weighty and tangible.  For the last year, give or take, I’ve been getting back to my fine art roots and incorporating more and more film shooting into every session and wedding. And it has been magical! And after my first couple rolls, I knew I wanted to be a fine art wedding photographer.

A fine art wedding photographer might be right for you if you:

Want a photographer who is intentional and purposeful when shooting

Love rich colors

Like the idea of a slower pace to your wedding day

Want images that are timeless and romantic

Like the idea of quality over quantity

Want a photographer who is an artistic storyteller

There you have it, what fine art wedding photography is and how to know if it is right for you. I hope this was helpful and you leave with a better understanding of the kind of photographer is right for you.

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