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35 Summer Date Ideas

Jul 17, 2019

I think we all agree that we love spending time with our significant other. But sometimes, in the routine of life or in the midst of a Netflix binge it can be hard to think of fun and exciting things to do together! But don’t worry I’ve got your back with 35 summer date ideas! These ideas are categorized based on mood so no matter how you are feeling there is a fun idea for you!


When you want an adventure:

Hiking at a national park⁠

Museum wandering⁠

Tandem bike riding (we love this one)⁠

Rollerblading down the boardwalk⁠

Rock climbing (at a gym or in nature)⁠

Road tripping ⁠

Biking and brunching⁠


When you want to go out:

Head to an amusement park

Watch a movie in the Park

Find a free concert in your area

Grab drinks and appetizers during at rooftop bar or restaurant

Spend the day at the aquarium or zoo

Get a meal at a food trucks

See a movie at a drive-in theatre

Spend a day near water whether that’s the beach, the lake or the river


35 summer date ideas

When you want to be chill but still do something:

Host a bonfire + make smores

Get burgers and shakes

Ride a Ferris wheel

Play boccie ball at the park

Check out your local Farmers Market (extra fun when you get lunch there too!)

Have a Beer tasting at home or a brewery

Watch the sunset from the hood of your car


When you just want to chat:

Brew a cup of tea at home or head to your favorite coffee shop and talk about:

Freedom – What is true freedom? When do you feel the freest? When do you feel free to be yourself?

Themes of summer – What are the first things you think of when you hear the word summer? Summer is a time of hard tending and pruning, what are some things you think you need to prune from your life so you can grow? Summer is also a time of simple joys – what are little things you find joy in?

Fathers – Talk about good memories you have with your dad. Share about the kind of father you want to be. Who is a father you admire?

Summer Memories – share some of your favorite summer memories when you were a kid.

Summer traditions – did you have any summer traditions growing up? Are there any you’d like to establish?


When you want to say in:

Make popsicles from fresh fruit

Lay in the back yard and Star Gaze

Have a slow dinner outside and play games

Have a picnic in the back yard and the cloud watch

Have friends over to BBQ

Make ice cream at home

Watch a Planet Earth Documentary


I hope these 35 summer date ideas helps you connect with the person you love most!


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35 summer date ideas 35 summer date ideas


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Date Night Ideas

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