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European Inspired Anniversary Session

Aug 13, 2019

These two have been married just over a year now! So obviously I was so excited to get together with them and document this milestone. And a lot has happened in just a year. They saved, purchased and have moved into a new home! The morning of our session Jennifer had an interview for a new job closer to their new home. She totally got the job too! Not surprised because she’s amazing!

We chose to have our session in San Diego, which is a meaningful place for them since it is where they met and became friends. They didn’t fall in love until they were both teachings in China years later. But San Diego was still so special to them because they have many memories there together. We started at Balboa Park and ended the session Sunset cliffs. They were such troopers for navigating the summer crowds and cliffside terrain.

It was so fun capturing their session entirely on film. And simply just getting to spend time with them was a joy! Thank you Jennifer + Calvin for just being the best!

Hope you enjoy their European Inspired Anniversary Session!



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