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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal that is updated at least twice a week with recent work, helpful tips, and personal posts! Grab some tea a stay while!

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Your wedding day only happens once. It is one of the most important days of your life, and there are no do-overs. These are your very memories we are talking about. So the photographer you choose for your wedding day needs to be one you can trust completely. When a couple asks me to be […]

3 Reasons You Can Trust Me to Be Your Wedding Photographer

Mar 9, 2019


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Christa Norman Photography is Officially 3 Years Old!!! It is crazy that I’ve been a full-time wedding photographer in Orange County for 3 years now. But it feels so long and so short all at the same time. Like hasn’t it always been this way? And didn’t I just leave Trader Joes? All at the same […]

Christa Norman Photography is Officially 3 Years Old!

Feb 27, 2019


open post

In 2019 I am determined to face a fear. And I am bring you along on my journey. But before I tell you my fear, I figured I would give you some back story.

Facing my fears: My First Scans

Jan 4, 2019


open post

    So far this year I’ve been sharing my goals with you every month. All of my goals from business to personal but this month I am making a slight change. I love sharing because I hope you can learn from my successes as well as my mistakes and remember that you are not […]

My July Goals

Jul 5, 2018


open post

    Frank Sinatra’s voice filled the kitchen, there was tasty merlot in my wine glass, the smell of garlic wafted from the sizzling pan on the stove, and yet there was a pit in my stomach. By this point in the evening, my cooking tunes (and the wine) usually have me dancing around the kitchen […]

CNP June Goals

Jun 7, 2018


open post

        When I first started photography I used to look at other photographers and get all huffy and puffy. It would be easy to take good photos if I had that type of gear. I would be able to take good lifestyle image if I had giant windows in my apartment. I […]

3 Steps to Dreamy Images for Your Blog + Social Media

May 22, 2018


open post

    Have you been wanting to be more effective in your workday? Have you been growing tired of your lifeless routine? Then this post is for you! You should not be a slave to your routine. Your routine should create freedom for you and I have created a little series that I will help […]

How to Create an Efficient Routine

Mar 29, 2018


open post

    CNP has officially been in business full time for two years! After deciding I wanted to be a photographer at 17, graduating with my bachelors in fine art photography, and two years of working part-time at trader joes while interning, assisting, and building my business I was able to go full time! It […]

Happy Birthday CNP | Orange County Wedding Photographer

Feb 27, 2018


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We are all trying to crack the Instagram code, connect with our dream clients, and create a flourishing business. There are so many tips and tricks out there for growing a following and increase your engagement. But I can tell you the number one mistake you are making on Instagram: Not posting images of yourself. […]

The #1 Mistake you are making on Instagram

Feb 22, 2018


open post

      January flew by. I intended to ease back into work after my sabbatical in January but that just didn’t happen. The first week back was a flurry of answering emails and preparing for the Big Fake Wedding, then actually photographing and editing my work from the big fake wedding, and the week […]

February Goals

Feb 6, 2018


Christa Norman is a wedding photographer based out of Orange County California and Nagoya Japan