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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal that is updated at least twice a week with recent work, helpful tips, and personal posts! Grab some tea a stay while!

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open post

Chris sat in his car after saying goodbye to Sophia the high school Halloween dance. But he couldn’t drive home. He just knew if he went back and kissed her that she would be his girlfriend. He was right and then eight years, he asked her to be his wife.

Corona Del Mar Engagement Session | Orange County Wedding Photographer

Nov 10, 2017


open post

Even though Evan and I went to Biola together, we didn’t run in the same circles and almost missed our chance at being friends!

LA Arts District Engagement Session | Orange County Wedding Photographer

Oct 20, 2017


open post

  As soon as you meet Jeannette and Derrick you know they are right for one another. They just have this effortlessness. It is obvious they become their fullest selves when they are together. No hiding. No pretending to be perfect. On the beaches of Corona Del Mar, Derick sang Celine Deion (to my delight) […]

Corona Del Mar Engagement Session at Sunrise | Orange County Wedding Photographer

Sep 5, 2017


open post

  They walked into Corner Bakery and looked up at the menu. Heather was excited to be spending time with Cameron just the two of them. Cameron thought she had a boyfriend and didn’t want her to get the wrong impression of his character. So he made it very clear they were not on a […]

Laguna Beach Engagement Session | Orange County Wedding Photographer

Jun 6, 2017


open post

Michael had been attending their church of a couple of months. Marissa had just moved back home from college. They were both wondering who this new person was.

Casual Laguna Beach Engagement Session | Orange County Wedding Photographer

May 18, 2017


open post

As a shy fifteen-year-old, Chrissy arrived at summer camp for her first time. Alex ran up to her that afternoon and asked for her name. He was trying to learn the name of every camper. That night, when he was able to name every person sitting around the bonfire, Chrissy was impressed. But what is […]

Woodys Orange County Engagement Session

Feb 8, 2017


open post

  Jason and Caitlin were friends. End of story. Their friendship grew and they often were asked if they were dating. At first, they laughed and denied it politely. Then it became frustrating. Seriously people, a guy and a girl can be friends alright?! Their denial became more firm and at one point Caitlin even vowed she […]

Laguna Beach Engagement Session at Sunrise

Jan 21, 2017


open post

A boy raised in China and a girl from San Clemente are worlds apart and it would seem there was little hope of them ever meeting. However, the world is more connect than we often think! Preston, being raised in a place that doesn’t value personal freedom, had a strong desire to fight for freedom and […]

Riley Wilderness Park Engagement Session

Dec 10, 2016


open post

  Last Halloween, Chris led Courtney to the Disney Castle dressed as Prince Charming and Cinderella where a glass slipper and a ring waited for them. On the surface it seems simple and someone else could probably propose in the exact same way. Yet, it would never even come close to how powerfully beautiful this day […]

Fairytale Laguna Beach Engagement Session

Sep 20, 2016


open post

Cody is like a brother to me. I write that in the deepest and most full meaning of that phrase. Similar to a sibling I have seen him in highs and lows, strength and weakness, triumph and mistakes. The kind of friendship where you can be not all that happy with them but love them […]

Tidepool Engagement Session in Laguna Beach

Jun 22, 2016


Christa Norman is a wedding photographer based out of Orange County California and Nagoya Japan